The CCMI Training Programme

The CCMI graduate training programme rests on three pillars

The four year research thesis will lead to a PhD degree from either UCL or Imperial College. Thesis topics will be advertised as part of the application process to the CDT and students apply directly onto a given topic. Most thesis topics are in collaboration with the UCL Departments of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, and the Imperial Departments of Mathematics, and Computing. Some thesis topics may involve other departments or external partners.

Collaborative interface working groups (CIWGs) deliver the core topical training programme that every CCCMI student goes through. It will be delivered in the form of cohort based week long working groups. These working groups cover an introduction to research topics, research and software landscape overviews, exploration of current research challenges, and a discovery phase for future trends and open challenges. In contrast to traditional lectures these working groups are centered around learning how to be an effective researcher and will contain significant student lead components.

The software journey has been designed to give every CDT student training to become a world class research software engineer. Students will collaborate on a diverse range of open-source software projects, some suggested by students themselves, others by academics or industrial partners. Students will learn how to focus ideas, develop minimum viable products, pitch ideas to stakeholders, and collaborate as teams. This will be supported by a dedicated termly software week with software sprints, progress talks, external seminars delivered by partners, and other activities.

CCMI is a collaboration between UCL and Imperial College, funded by EPSRC.